PURE | Makeup Removing Washcloth

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Say “bye, bye makeup wipes!”
Hello PURE skin with just warm water.

microfiber  washcloth   |   9 in x 12 in



It’s time to break up with your makeup remover.

Our PURE Makeup Removing Washcloth does the job (even better, we think) of removing dirt and makeup without stripping your skin of the natural oils that keep it supple and healthy. Just add water, squeeze, wipe, and watch makeup (even waterproof) vanish like magic.


Rinse face with warm water. Wet washcloth with warm water, gently squeeze out excess and wipe makeup from face, eyes, lips, neck and hairline. Dry face with a clean towel.

Care Instructions

Machine wash with like colors. Tumble dry medium to high. Do not bleach or iron.

1 review for PURE | Makeup Removing Washcloth

  1. Brittney

    I love using this to wash my face! It literally gets all the makeup off my face. And its so gentile!

    • Bethany

      Thank you so much for your review! I love the Pure Cloth too and use it every. single. day.
      Eventually I will share a demo video of this one (hopefully one where my camera doesn’t fall in the sink half way through (*may* have happened… twice. Third time is a charm though, right?) ?

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