Before creating KEEP IT CLEAN, I was fed up with the amount of toxic ingredients in the products lining my bathroom shelves.
Everywhere we turn, media and marketing lead us to believe that we NEED these conventional products, but I was on a mission to prove them wrong. Why? Because we deserve better!
What started in April 2014 as a few homemade deodorants – 7 to be exact – packaged in recycled baby food jars, rapidly expanded to a fully stocked product line and complete brand.

Everyone who tries our products instantly sees and feels the
incredible difference that pure, simple ingredients make.

As I set up shop at local craft fairs and farmer’s markets, the outstanding feedback started pouring in. Everyone who tries our products instantly see and feels the incredible difference that pure, simple ingredients make.

Since the start, I’ve devoted myself to trying new ideas, testing ingredients and finding out what works so that you don’t have to. I do my homework to learn what works best for our skin and why. I carefully select products and ingredients from suppliers I trust so that I can attest to the quality of the products I offer. Thorough research leads to careful development, testing and finally production of each product so you can feel confident that you are receiving the high quality skincare your skin is worthy of.

Our customers’ rave reviews and heartfelt appreciation for what I do is what motivates me to grow and expand to meet your needs.

As of 2020, KIC has grown beyond our four walls, allowing us to offer even more products. My goal is not only to create luxurious skincare but also curate a wide range of pampering products while supporting other small-batch makers.

I absolutely love what I do. I love creating healthier alternatives for my own family and yours. I love seeing and hearing the dramatic impact Keep It Clean is making in the lives of my customers. But what I love most about this business is that the purpose it serves can be as big as I imagine.

I want to see this business grow – not for the purpose of growing a business,
but for the business of growing people

My dream is to one day own a facility where I train and employ  women who’ve been affected by human trafficking and abuse as well as individuals who have been diagnosed with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, making finding a job incredibly challenging. I want to see this business grow – not for the purpose of growing a business but for the business of growing people.

Since 2014, I have built incredible relationships with my customers. And because of our awesome customers – because of every purchase at a farmer’s market or order on the website – we have been able to donate a portion of our proceeds each year to missionaries and ministries, locally and abroad, who work directly with those affected by human trafficking, abuse and homelessness. We’ve been able to donate gifts to a local battered women’s shelter and are currently working toward providing a free spa day for women in our own city who face homelessness.

This is what your business supports. I love people. And if Keep It Clean can help not only my customers but also enable those who often feel forgotten to feel loved, valued and see their own tremendous worth , it will have served its purpose.

As we continue to expand in the local market and online, the response has been astounding! Our product line continues to grow, our dreams grow even bigger still, and the love and support of our amazing customers swells beyond our wildest expectation. I am so honored and humbled to have you as a part of it!

In Christ,